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Does HTML5 mean the end of FLash? PART 2

Posted 29th July 2011 by    email Email article     share Share article

The last post gave us an interesting angle on flash, showing a few of its great benefits, this post will be more focused on the rise of HTML5 and the conclusion on this on going battle between the two platforms


There currently is and has been much talk that HTML5 will in fact cause the downfall to flash. However some people state ‘the two work well together’ the reason being that each platform specialises in a different area, both were designed for a different purpose. It could be said that each platform have different spheres of influence in the current world and somewhere in the middle of it all they just simply overlap in places. Some aspects of HTML5 immediately make it a clear beater of flash, more specifically the point of running perfectly on all Apple products compatible with web. Apple who are gradually overtaking the market with their inspiring new products could really end up doing flash a good bit of damage. Then the question rises what is Apple’s big problem with flash? They say it has no place on the future of the web, despite it working very well on competitor phones. For Apple HTML5 is the way forward on the web, it provides so many aspects of flash in highly simple ways.

In this way HTML5 will easily compete with flash, some say a lot of HTML5′s new features will put the nail on the coffin for flash. Yes it does some of the same things, but both platforms have totally different capabilities, I think people see both the platforms as arch enemies of the same game, when in fact each one plays a totally different game than each other, and as noted earlier they just overlap with each other in certain places. However functionality wise they are totally different. The recent release of this platform has caused a big buzz around it, therefore making it more popular as people always want to keep up to scratch on the latest ways to do things, thus giving it high popularity.


Both platforms have been discussed here briefly and now is the time to sum up everything being talked about. Flash is great at what it does, and what it does is provide a great way to carry different multimedia tasks on the web for a more immersive user experience. It is essential to a very large amount of digital activity. It offers a handy midpoint between front end and back end stuff on the web. It has been around long enough to be established on 98% of browsers.

It is the current leader as far as Games development, video streaming and short film animation go. It provides a great introduction into programming, which would form a great basis for an individual who wants to learn it, also making it very easy to switch to whatever the future holds. I think at the end of the day, Flash works and HTML5 works, it comes down to what exactly what needs to be done, if it’s client work, then pick the one that is the more relevant choice to the client wants and needs.

Leroyson Figurira- Digital Director, Haygarth says ‘I expect that flash will become a speciality skill, and it seems better to hire in a specialist rather than getting a designer to spend a lot of time learning, whilst at one point in time it was essential for every designer to have some experience of flash, this is no longer the case in the world today’

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