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Selecting Files

Once logged in, you can select multiple files by clicking and dragging your mouse over them or by holding the ctrl key and clicking on each file. Mac users can hold the cmd key and click to select several files.

File Approval System

Every Media Lightbox account includes the ‘File approval’ feature. The approval system is ideal for requesting approval on a design or prototype from your boss, colleagues or a client.


Need more users, storage or bandwidth? Upgrading your Media Lightbox account is easy. Once logged in, simply visit the upgrade section to change your plan and customize your account to suit your company.

Folder Access Control

Media Lightbox enables you to control folder permissions for single users and custom groups. Site managers could, for example, give the accounts department access to important spreadsheets, whilst the design team have access to design and marketing folders.


Lightboxes are a great way of gathering files that are stored in different folders around your system. By adding them to a lightbox, you have a copy of them in one handy location, ready to send to others.

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Archive for Reviews

Media Lightbox Director Featured on LJMU Alumni Site!

Posted 8th April 2011 by

Media Lightbox Director and Liverpool John Moores University Graduate, Anthony Kieran has had his profile added to the official LJMU Alumni website.

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Firefox 4 Review

Posted 28th March 2011 by

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 (more commonly known as just ‘Firefox 4’) is the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser which was released last week (22nd March).

The two main goals for this version included improvements in the user interface and performance. In my opinion it looks like they got it right!

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Famous Through Lack of Talent

Posted 25th March 2011 by

It’s Friday! By now you will have undoubtedly heard the song by Rebecca Black that many people are dubbing “The worst song in the world”…so how on Earth has it got (as I write this) 47million views on Youtube?

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A Pint with Paddy!

Posted 10th March 2011 by

Media Lightbox Directors Anthony Kieran (middle) and Shane Meehan (left) were invited to the Dublin Web Summit after-party in a secret Dublin hotel by the founder of the Dublin Web Summit – Paddy Cosgrave!

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Futuristic iPhone Accessories Available Today

Posted 25th February 2011 by

Here in the Media Lightbox office we have been amazed in recent times with some of the accessories that are being produced for the iPhone. Here is  a short list of some of our favourite ones:

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Google One Pass, Another Nail in the Coffin of Print Media

Posted 18th February 2011 by

Google have announced their latest venture in the form of One Pass which in their own words, “lets publishers focus on creating high quality content for their readers, by providing a system for user authentication, payment processing, and administration.”

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Making of App Promo | Sure Target 2

Posted 14th February 2011 by

Last Thursday I posted ‘Making of App Promo | Trapcode Form’ after getting some great feedback and a few questions about how I made our iPhone App Promo Video. In this post I thought I’d address another point of interest about this video.

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If your heads not in the Clouds…It should be!

Posted 14th February 2011 by

Can Media Lightbox help YOUR business?

YES – The team at Media Lightbox are in non-stop development mode. Making our product even better (New release coming March 2011!). So do we think that we ‘can’ help your business?
The answer is an emphatic YES!

We are a growing company based in Ireland who are cloud computing data storage and sharing experts! Our product Media Lightbox, enables thousands of organisations worldwide to achieve massive economies of scale and a much better control of their growing data volumes.

We can see at first hand, that companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of cloud storage for a number of reasons:

1. Companies can get first class software for managing their digital assets and no longer need to worry about buying in expensive storage machines that need to be constantly monitored and serviced. These servers usually go out of date very quickly and support costs to maintain them increase as a result!

2. As a result of (1), our clients can benefit from much lower cost *state of art* storage and drive down the overall cost of their IT department. Hence, there is additional capital available to invest in other parts of the business.

3. Backup is easier and cheaper. Our clients are no longer faced with issues such as inplementing the Grand-father, father, son data backup model on site/off site…which, lets face it = painful at best and NIGHTMARE at worst! iHaving their legacy data securely stored with Media Lightbox in the cloud means they can rest easy at night! Also the data recovery costs are lower and easier.

4. Our clients are taking comfort in the fact that they have unlimited storage scalability and user scalability. Our cost effective subscription model allows them to choose a package that suits their needs for where they are in the business evolution at the time, and it can grow as they do!

The team at Media Lightbox truly believe that Cloud storage is the right answer for companies today, An increasing number of businesses are needing more space for archiving infrequently accessed data, and a reliable software solution to share these assets worldwide to trusted partners.

What is Media Lightbox?
Media Lightbox allows individuals or large companies to store, share and manage their files online.
Media Lightbox users are able to backup their important files online. The most common formats are doc, pdf, ppt, jpg and zip.
Using Media Lightbox you'll be able to overcome the unmanagable mess of email and the slow upload/download speeds that accompany it. Manage your digital assets with ease, knowing that they are safe and backed up 24/7!
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