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Selecting Files

Once logged in, you can select multiple files by clicking and dragging your mouse over them or by holding the ctrl key and clicking on each file. Mac users can hold the cmd key and click to select several files.

File Approval System

Every Media Lightbox account includes the ‘File approval’ feature. The approval system is ideal for requesting approval on a design or prototype from your boss, colleagues or a client.


Need more users, storage or bandwidth? Upgrading your Media Lightbox account is easy. Once logged in, simply visit the upgrade section to change your plan and customize your account to suit your company.

Folder Access Control

Media Lightbox enables you to control folder permissions for single users and custom groups. Site managers could, for example, give the accounts department access to important spreadsheets, whilst the design team have access to design and marketing folders.


Lightboxes are a great way of gathering files that are stored in different folders around your system. By adding them to a lightbox, you have a copy of them in one handy location, ready to send to others.

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About Contacts

This page features how to configure certain parts of the contact screen, here you can see how to change the  following:

  • Sorting Contacts

  • Checking Account Expiry Date

  • Deleting Contacts



Sort Contacts

 You can sort  your contacts at any time from A-Z or Z-A by following the steps outlined below:

  • Select the 'Contact' tab on the left of any screen

  • Click the small arrow beside 'Last Name'

  • Once sorted the contacts can be reverted back by clicking the arrow again


Account Expiry Date

 If a manager you can check the expiry date of each contact on your account by following the steps outlined below:

  • Select the 'Contact' tab on the left of any screen

  • The Expiry dates are seen on the right of the screen
  • The in date contacts will be highlighted in black

  • The out of date contacts will be highlighted in red



Delete Contact

 You can delete your company logo at any time by following the steps outlined below:

  • Select the 'Contact' tab on the left of any screen

  • Your contacts should be in view, click on any one contact you want to delete, it will highlight in blue

  • If you want to delete more than one contact, hold the 'Shift' keyboard and click any other unwanted contact

  • If you are happy with the highlighted selection click 'Delete Selected'

  • A new screen will appear asking if you are sure about deleting the selected contacts

  • If you are happy with the selection made click 'Delete Contact(s)

  • If you don't want to delete the selection made click 'Return to Contacts'


What is Media Lightbox?
Media Lightbox allows individuals or large companies to store, share and manage their files online.
Media Lightbox users are able to backup their important files online. The most common formats are doc, pdf, ppt, jpg and zip.
Using Media Lightbox you'll be able to overcome the unmanagable mess of email and the slow upload/download speeds that accompany it. Manage your digital assets with ease, knowing that they are safe and backed up 24/7!
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